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Master in Global Supply Chain Management

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    Master in Global Supply Chain Management


The Official Master in Global Supply Chain Management taught by ENAE Business School provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimum project management and control of the production, logistics and purchasing departments. External Double Degree: ENAE + Partner University (University of Murcia).

With the contents of this Master the student will have the opportunity to learn the main techniques and tools for proper management of the flow of materials and associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and project management.

Adequate management of the company´s operations mainly results in:

Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Total control of the projects associated with these areas.
A reduction especially in productive costs, storage, transport, financial, purchase prices, etc.
Growing pressure on profit margins is forcing companies to search relentlessly (and also with rapid results) for these cost reductions.

The Master in Global Supply Chain Management will train in the knowledge and application of the following tools:
Lean manufacturing.
Obtain a comprehensive view of logistics for managing the supply chain.
Search for purchases in international markets.
Optimisation of spaces and resources in the warehouse and transport, etc.

The indispensable condition of an orderly company from the point of view of its operations is the correct planning of its materials, of its manufactured products and, where appropriate, of its projects to be carried out. For this reason, this planning (procurement, production, etc.) has an outstanding presence in the Master in Global Supply Chain Management. Without this planning, the client will perceive continuous service failures, with the consequent loss of image and credibility on irreparable occasions

Companies need production and sourcing planners who are cost-oriented, have training and knowledge of internal organizational operations.


Capacity of internal analysis of the company for the implementation of the action plan in operations management.
Project planning, management and monitoring.
Control and coordination of the company´s internal logistics.
Optimisation of the organisation´s response time in production processes.
Coordination of objectives between different departments: purchasing, marketing, etc.


Integrated Supply Chain Management
Demand Forecasting and Planning
Procurement and Purchasing Management
Production Planning and Maintenance Management
Lean Management
Warehouse Management
Finance and Operations Cost Control
Global Transport Management
Supply Chain Information Systems
Project Management and Innovation
Business and Management

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