Structuralia Formación Especializada

Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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    Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio Private Degree


This master integrates the main aspects to be considered when approaching a project from an energetic perspective: the improvement of energy efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energies, either integrated in buildings and installations for fossil sources replacement, or for electrical energy production and its direct injection into the net.

The first block includes the aspects related to energy efficiency applied to construction and industry, including the corresponding sections to renewable energies such as solar, geotermal energy or biomass which can be implemented in the buildings and industries. The second block includes a technical-economic analysis of the main renewable energy sources: solar, bioenergy and wind energy, amongst others.


MODULE I: Energy in the building

Unit 1 The Energy Context
Unit 2 New Construction. CTE and CEE
Unit 3 Existing Buildings
Unit 4. Energy Certification of Existing Buildings

MODULE II: Energy Systems in the Building: HVAC and DHW

Unit 1 HVAC System with Conventional Equipment
Unit 2 Aerothermal and Geothermal Systems
Unit 3 Ventilation
Unit 4 DHW

MODULE III: Energy Systems in the Building: Lighting and BMS

Unit 1 Lighting Systems
Unit 2 Control and Management Systems 1
Unit 3 Control and Management Systems 2
Unit 4 Energy Management and Markets

MODULE IV: Integration of Renewable Energies in Buildings

Unit 1 Solar Thermal Energy
Unit 2 Photovoltaics
Unit 3 Small Wind Turbine Energy
Unit 4 Biomass Energy

MODULE V: Energy Efficiency in the Industry

Unit 1. Current Energy Situation
Unit 2. The Energy Manager
Unit 3. The Energy Audit in the Industry
Unit 4. - Energy Systems in the Industry and Energy Saving Solutions

MODULE VI: Solar Energy

Unit 1. Solar Energy
Unit 2: The Photovoltaic Cell
Unit 3: The Photovoltaic Module
Unit 4: The Photovoltaic System

MODULE VII: Wind Energy

Unit 1: Physical and meteorological concepts
Unit 2: Wind turbine technology and wind data analysis
Unit 3: Micrositing study through an electric power production computational model
Unit 4: Windfarm design

MODULE VIII: Bioenergy (Biomass, Biogas and Biofuel)

Biomass as an Energy Resource: origins, typology, sources, costs, etc.
Main Processes of Biomass Physico-chemical Conversion
Applications of Bioenergy
Business Models Analysis based on Bioenergy Use
Revision of Different Sample Projects According to the Existing Technologies
Applicable Legislation
Investment Income Analysis. Economical Parameters Revision

MODULE IX: Other Renewable Energies (Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, etc.)

Small Hydro
Geothermal Energy
Tidal Energy

MODULE X: Final Project

The program is subject to possible variations/updates of the contents to improve their quality.

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