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    Presencial en Madrid
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    Campus Puerta de Toledo
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    120 ECTS
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    El Seminario/Conferencia se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Master in Industrial Economics and Markets


The globalization of markets and the change in competition policies in the industrial sectors have caused national and international industrial structures to undergo a great deal of change in the short and medium term. In facing the challenges these changes entail, developed and developing countries are in need for experts in industrial Economics with the high-quality training this Master´s Degree provides. The objective of this program is to produce such experts through solid training in three key areas: Industrial Organization, Business Economics and Quantitative Economic Analysis.

This Master´s in Industrial Economics and Markets is a two-year program. The first year consists of courses on Microeconomics, Quantitative Economic Analysis, Finance, and Business Economics, common to all specializations in this program. The second year offers core courses in Industrial Organization (Regulation and Competition Economics), and three areas of specialization on the Economic Sectors of Energy, Transport, and Telecommunications, as well as a dissertation.


All candidates must hold a college degree or equivalent (in any country). Candidates in their last year to complete their degree may also apply. In this case, the acceptance is conditioned upon the completion of the degree.


Core Courses will be conducted in English (see Lenguage Requirements for Master´s taught in English). However, in order to carry out internships in companies and institutions, it is advisable but not required, for non-Spanish speaking students to have a basic knowledge of Spanish. We recommend to use a level DELE A2 (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) issued by the Instituto Cervantes, or equivalent. Those students who do not have the recommended Spanish level should take Spanish courses offered by the UC3M Language Center during the first year. There are some courses fully compatible with the Master schedule, two intensive courses, one before the beginning of the course, on September, and another one on July, once the course is over. In addition four more courses are offered starting on September, December, February, and May.


Course 1 - Semester 1

Microeconomics I: Markets and Market Failures
Game Theory
Econometrics I: Multiple Regression and Inference
Statistics, Probability and Multivariate Analysis
Business and Finance I: Business Economics and Financial Analysis

Course 1 - Semester 2

Microeconomics II: Economics of Information
Econometrics II: ARIMA, VAR and Cointegration
Business and Finance II: Assessment of Financial Assets
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Course 2 - Semester 1

Industrial Organization I: Theory and Regulation
Business and Finance III: Risk Management in non-Banking Entities
Transport Economics
Energy Economics I

Course 2 - Semester 2

Industrial Organization II: Empirical Models
Seminars on Competition Policy
Practice: Internship and RA
Energy Economics II
Telecommunications Economics

Master´s Thesis

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