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    Octubre 2019
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    Av. Can Marcet, 36-38
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    Oficial master degree of hotel management


The tourism sector has become for decades one of the key areas for the social and economic development of our country. Within it, the hotel sector, a cornerstone of tourism, is the one which has experienced stronger growth in recent years.

Immersed in an environment that is becoming unstable at high speed and in which uncertainty is high, the life cycle of products is becoming shorter and the client shows higher levels of demand. The sector continuously demands profesionales trained to operate in a constantly evolving market, able to adopt modern management styles in more complex organizations with a growing trend towards concentration.

In order to train the best profesionales in the hotel industry, CETT presents the official Master in Hotel Management and Restaurant Industry, one of the official programmes of higher education with greater recognition and tradition.


• Basic knowledge of hospitality and restaurant company management.

• Have a good level of foreign languages, as this is a fundamental skill for the student´s professional positioning, as well as to be able to broaden the scope of studies to the international level.

• Be willing to work in a dynamic sector, where initiative, skill for interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, teamwork, and project management are valued.


Marketing management (6 ECTS):
• Business Plan. Structure and contents of a marketing plan
• Development and implementation stages of a marketing plan
• Communication plan: Offline and Online communication techniques
• Revenue Management: Tools and indicators
Human Resources & Organisational Management (3 ECTS):
• Excellence in human resources: the management of human capital and service orientation
• Ethics and leadership
• The management of change and organizational behaviour
• Development of personal and professional skills
Economic and financial management (6 ECTS):
• Financial accounting: Foundations
• Economic and financial analysis: Tools
• Financial Balance Principles
• Profitability and self- financing
• Economic and financial analysis: Practical approach
• Operational and financial budget
• Receipt and Credit Management
Strategic Management (6 ECTS):
• Design and implementation of strategies for hoteliers
• Development of business models adapted to the current industry trends
• Analysis if investment projects
• Entrepreneurship
• Strategic Planning
Operational Management in the hotel industry (6 ECTS)
• Design, organization and planning of the sales and marketing división in a hotel establishment
• Design, organization and planning of the of the Food & Beverage department in a hotel establishment
• Design, organization and planning of the Front & Office and Housekeeping department
Event Management in the hotel industry (6 ECTS)
• Barcelona as an events destination
• MICE sector at present
• The relationship between MICE sector and hotels
• Events Organization
Customer Experience Management (3 ECTS)
• Quality Management and Control in the hotel and restaurant industry
• Guest experience as differential value
• Customer Service Management: clientele analysis and needs meeting
Cruisers as hotel product (3 ECTS)
• Background & origins of cruisers
• Marketing strategies applied to the sector
• Operations management on a cruiser
• Cruiser design and architecture
• Customer Experience Management on a cruiser
Hotel Design & Architecture (3 ECTS)
• Hotels design, hotel areas and design criteria
• Spaces and equipment according to hotel typologies
• Development oif a new hotel product
• Interior design/ Luxury Management
Practicum (Internship on Master´s Level) Or Market Research (6ECTS)
Final Master’s dissertation (15 ECTS)

Salidas profesionales

The career possibilities eligible to the participants in this master focus on positions and functions to be developed in the following departments of businesses, institutions and tourist destinations:

• Director / Manager of companies or hotel groups: The figure of the hotel manager is comparable to the position of CEO or of an SME. In addition to managing the budget and coordinating the team, this executive is responsible for compliance with internal procedures, standards of quality and for the efficiency of operations.

• Responsible for corporate departments of hotel chains: This figure’s main function focuses on the help and support offered to different business units of the hotel group.

• Head of Hotel Division of Business Groups: Responsible for coordinating and monitoring the various hotel businesses belonging to an investment or corporative group.


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