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Master in Business and Finance (Master of Research_MRes)

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - UC3M
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    Presencial en Madrid
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    Campus Puerta de Toledo
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    120 ECTS
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    Master in Business and Finance (Master of Research_MRes)


The Master in Business and Finance is a research master (MRes), with specializations in the main areas of business (Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing). This two-year master provides students with the statistical-econometric tools and the theoretical knowledge needed to study the business reality with analytical lenses.

The master is oriented to students with curious mindsets interested in understanding the business world from a rigorous and multidisciplinary perspective. It combines core courses that convey the foundations of analytical skills and specialized courses that expose students to the state-of-the-art research in their area of interest.

These two-years of coursework are considered as the first part of the Doctoral program for the students who wish to continue into the PhD. The Doctoral program consists of the two years of thorough coursework (MRes) followed by three years of thesis writing under the guidance of an expert supervisor (PhD).

The Master is offered by the Business Administration Department at UC3M, known by its long-standing commitment to quality instruction and rigorous training.


Admission requirements to the program entail the possession of a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, with quantitative training in the fields of Business Administration or Economics or related areas (Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, etc.).

Graduates from programs with a weak quantitative content need to provide strong evidence that they have sufficient quantitative skills or ability to acquire them (high quantitative GRE scores, high scores in quantitative subjects, extra-courses or specialization/minors in quantitative subjects, etc.).


Course 1 - Semester 1
1st. Term

Statistics for Economics and Business
Economics for Business I
Strategic Management

2nd. Term

Quantitative Methods I
Economics for Business II
Financial Economics

Course 1 - Semester 2
3rd. Term

Quantitative Methods II
Accounting & Finance
Corporate Finance I
Management & Marketing
Organization Theory

4th. Term

Research Methods
Accounting & Finance
Dynamic Asset Pricing
Corporate Finance II
Management & Marketing
Human Resource Management
Innovation Management

Course 2 - Semester 1
1st. Term

Accounting & Finance
Accounting Research
Information in Markets and Market Microstructure
Management & Marketing
Personnel Economics
Research in Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

2nd. Term

Thesis Methods
Accounting & Finance
Advanced Empirical Methods in Finance
Corporate Governance and Auditing
Risk Management
Management & Marketing
Corporate Governance and CSR
Marketing Research
Supply Chain and Operations Management

Course 2 - Semester 2
3rd. Term

Accounting & Finance
Management & Marketing
Organizational Behavior
Advanced Topics*
Advanced Topics in Actuarial Research *
Advanced Topics in Financial Markets Research *
Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management *
Advanced Topics in Marketing *
Advanced Topics in Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation *
Advanced Topics in Supply Chain and Operations Management *

4th. Term

Master Thesis
Master Thesis
Accounting & Finance
Research Seminars in Accounting & Finance
Management & Marketing
Research Seminars in Management & Marketing

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