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    Curso Bonificable para Empresas
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    Convocatoria Continua
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    This course is aimed at fulfilling the requirements of professionals in the area of law and law students to incorporate English and an understanding of the Anglo legal systems into their areas of work. Lawyers are increasingly coming into contact with professionals from other countries, which often makes it necessary to work with all types of legal documents in English and to use English as a form of written and spoken communication in the specialized area of law.

    The objective of the legal English course is to acquire the basic foundations necessary to carry out work in English and to also gain insight into and an understanding of the English and American legal systems.

    Students shall have the opportunity to use articles from the press, specific vocabulary exercises, different types of contract models and case studies in order to help them achieve a better understanding of vocabulary and use of legal concepts and expressions that they may come across in a legal environment.


    The Legal English Course is mainly aimed at those who have a law degree and professionals in the field of law in general and that require or are interested in gaining a better understanding of the English legal systems and to dominate the terms and expressions used most frequently in practise.


    The objective of the present programme it to essentially offer an in-depth look into the English legal system and thereby allow the student to become aware of the crucial differences between it and the Spanish legal system.

    Secondly, the course shall permit students to acquire a solid legal vocabulary base via the exercises carried out and different materials used as well as to have model documents that will be applicable during the course of professional tasks.

    Finally, the fact that the course is given in English necessarily implies that students shall have to carry out tasks and communicate with the teacher in English, which in turn will be of aid to them to acquire fluency in their written communication, as well as to take on vocabulary and expressions at a steady pace throughout the whole course.



    Introduction and sources of law
    Court structure
    Comparative study of the Common Law and Civil Law systems.
    Key figures in English law and the most common false friends
    Basic legal vocabulary
    2. AREAS OF LAW:

    (i) Criminal vs Civil Law

    Criminal procedure
    Civil procedure
    Key vocabulary
    The O J Simpson cases (criminal and civil)
    Practical: Making a claim
    (ii) Family Law

    Procedure for legal separation and divorce.
    The concept of “Parental responsibility”.
    Forms applicable
    (iii) Employment Law

    Employment contracts – essential elements
    Health and Safety
    Types of dismissal
    Essential vocabulary: offer of employment letter, resignation letter and dismissal letter
    (ii) Mercantile Law

    Company formation: sole traders, partnership and limited liability companies
    Constitution of a company
    Winding up a company
    Key vocabulary
    Practical: Setting up and running a company
    (iii) Contracts

    General contract terms
    “Recitals” – What are they?
    Body of a contract: typical clauses
    Vocabulary and grammatical structures used in contracts
    Study of different contract models:
    Sale Purchase Agreement – business contracts.
    Sale of a property
    Insurance contract
    Distribution contract
    Agency agreement
    Practical: Understanding and analysis of a basic contract.

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